The 5Rs every Online Business Owner Should Live By

Anne C. Graham

The following guest post was written by Anne C. Graham. If you’re an entrepreneur growing an online business, you know how hard you have to work to get a new customer.  You network, put out great content on social media, buy ppc ads, have great opt-ins, develop solid sales funnels and more.  And then, you […]

Four Guitars and a Pink Lunch Box

pink lunchbox

Four guitars and a pink lunch box – how did you come up with that title, Charlie?  Well, I was on a Google Hangout a few weeks back and sure enough, in the background of one of the participants was, you guessed it – four guitars and a pink lunch box!  Sounds like a great […]

Writing a Book in 90 Days: 4 lessons from the trenches

writing a book

I can’t believe almost 12 weeks have passed since I started the Self-Publishing School course on writing a book. While I was hoping to be ahead of schedule, at this point I am basically on schedule (maybe a bit behind).  Regardless, getting a book written and published in 90+ days is pretty cool. Here are a few […]

Writing a Book in 90 Days: The Interview Process

writing a book

This is the beginning of week 11 of my 12-week Self-Publishing School course on writing a book.  To date, I have written about 8,000 words (and recorded about 20,000 more) of my very first book, which I hope will be closer to 25,000 words when it’s finished. I decided to talk through the initial phase of the […]