An Exclusive Invitation from Charlie Poznek

Have you ever imagined…

…Creating a Profitable Online Business That Makes Your Life Extremely Satisfying and Rewarding?

Perhaps it’s an enterprise where you can leverage your 20+ years of professional experience. Or maybe it’s a completely different area of interest that you’d like to turn into an online business where you achieve greater…

  • Freedom
  • Flexibility
  • Financial independence

The good news is this:

If you can imagine it, we can help you make it happen!

And it’s so much easier when you’re surrounded by the support of like-minded aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs who are at a common point in life.

That’s what BoomerMastermind is all about.

BoomerMastermind is the new home for driven professionals over 40 who have accumulated a lot of experience and are determined to make the road ahead an incredibly fulfilling journey.

Most of our members came here because they shared a common curiosity about starting an online business. But they didn’t want to have to start over again in life.

Like you, they have a strong interest in converting their 20+ years of professional wisdom into an online business that allows you to:

  • Build a business around the hours you choose to work
  • Create passive income that earns you money while you sleep
  • Develop a service business around something you enjoy
  • Be your own boss and take total control of your destiny in life
  • Achieve a higher level of personal joy and happiness
  • Experience the freedom to explore and live your true purpose
  • Take an energizing cat nap in the middle of the day if you want!

If you’ve reached an apex in your career where you find yourself looking in the mirror and asking, “Is this all there is?”—BoomerMastermind could be the launching point into a more gratifying life.

Allow your ideas and heart-felt passion to lead you forward

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use all of today’s digital gadgets

BoomerMastermind is the ideal place to explore, dream and create. Remember, every great endeavor begins with an idea.

The person who first envisioned a spacecraft that could go to the moon probably had a strong idea about how it would work—but he probably didn’t know how to build it. But that didn’t stop his vision.

This should be your approach to starting an online business. Allow your ideas, curiosity and enthusiasm to be your guiding light.

Don’t let your lack of technical expertise slow you down for one second. As a BoomerMastermind member, you’ll be surrounded by friends who can teach you valuable skills you may not have.

And trust me, learning today’s online tools isn’t rocket science.

I’ve walked in your shoes, and I’ll be with you every step of the way

My journey is probably similar to yours. Overall, I was pretty satisfied with my professional career. Can’t say I was mad or bitter about anything. I made good money, met inspiring people and got to travel.

But one day I realized I had put more than 20 years into my career—yet I still had a LOT of years ahead of me. I asked myself if I wanted to be doing the same thing 10, 20 or 30 years from now. And if I did…

  • Would doing so allow me to chart my own course in life?
  • Would it enable me to get to where I really wanted to be?
  • Would it really give me the financial security I was led to believe it would?
  • Would it give me any security at all?
  • Would it allow me when I’m older to feel as though I had fulfilled my true purpose in life?
  • Would it be something I’d still want to do into my 70’s or 80’s?

For me, the answer to all of these questions was, “no.” Maybe you can relate to this feeling.

So I decided it was time to get out of my comfort zone and make a left turn. What I wanted was the opportunity to become financially independent and create freedom and flexibility in my life.

I still wanted to work hard, but I wanted to do it for me and my family. If that meant working a 12-hour day—I wanted the freedom to choose which 12 hours they would be!

If this sounds like you, I can tell you with 100% certainty that it can be done. Because I did it.

In 2005 I launched my first successful online eBay store. It took some trial and error, but I made it a success and I learned a ton in the process. Subsequently I created and sold three web sites!

Today I am the Founder of — a global community that helps people successfully start and run their own online business.

As host of The Boomer Business Owner podcast, I get to interview the world’s most successful entrepreneurs... many of whom you’ll learn from as a BoomerMastermind member.

Since its inception in January 2014, The Boomer Business Owner Podcast has had over 2 million downloads and received over 160 five-star iTunes reviews.

It’s also been consistently ranked among the top podcasts in iTunes’ highly-competitive “Business-Careers” category.

As a BoomerMastermind member you’ll learn from me and other online experts exactly how to create your online success story.

Gain access to leading online business experts
and proven marketing secrets

As part of this premier online group, you’ll connect with like-minded people each week who are passionate about growing a business and helping each other succeed.

Through our weekly online meetings you’ll be inspired to:

  • Leave your comfort zone and take risks
  • Be dedicated and accountable to your goals
  • Overcome challenges so you can achieve specific milestones
  • Take manageable and consistent action steps—every day.

Your BoomerMastermind membership immediately unlocks the key to a wealth of essential information that would otherwise take tons of time and a lot of money to accumulate.

  • Weekly online meetings where you can freely interact with me and other group members in real time. This is the ideal way to exchange actionable advice and insights.
  • World-renown guest speakers who routinely charge hundreds or more per hour for private coaching. However, you receive access to them through our meetings as part of your membership!
  • A private Facebook Group that serves as a central meeting hub where you can build relationships and ask and answer unlimited questions 24/7.
  • An initial ONE-HOUR CONSULTATION with me (a $250 value).
  • TWO private one-on-one 30-minute calls with me each quarter to discuss anything you want (a $1,000 value each year).
  • Access to my extensive rolodex of successful online entrepreneurs and industry contacts.
  • Referrals and introductions by me to proven industry experts and products that will ignite your business.

Recordings of every meeting are available if you are unable to attend live

You’ll also gain connections with other BoomerMastermind members who serve as a rich source of:

  • Inspiration to take risks and put yourself out there
  • Accountability partners who keep you on pace to succeed
  • Support and guidance when you get stuck (as we all do sometimes!)
  • Talent in skillsets that may be outside your area of expertise
  • Potential partnerships, joint ventures—and lifelong friendships!

From my experience being in mastermind groups, these are some of the richest benefits you’ll receive. Because when you surround yourself with like-minded driven individuals who serve as your accountability partners—you will achieve more than you ever thought possible.

BoomerMastermind puts this tremendous possibility right at your fingertips.

No other resource provides as much current information and advice that’s designed specifically for this crucial point in your life.

BoomerMastermind represents an outstanding opportunity to embark on a new journey in life with an amazing set of like-minded people who are into taking action—not just talking about it.

It’s been said you’re the average of the five people you hang out with the most. When you look into your heart and think of where you want to go in life from here, you have to ask yourself…

“Am I really hanging out with the people who are going to help me get there?”

Raves for Charlie Poznek and BoomerMastermind

“Never in our history working together did Charlie not have an answer or solution to a problem I encountered. He challenges me to think in new and creative ways to address difficult situation.”

Gabe DaSilva, My First Restaurant

“Charlie’s solid business head together with his natural curiosity and drive to stay up with new media and digital marketing make him a unique and valuable asset to those who are navigating their growing business.”

Melinda Yeaman, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Consultant, Podcaster

“Charlie is a wealth of information and an extremely bright, caring business man. I am fortunate to have Charlie as key resource for my business.”

Kari Gormley, The Running Lifestyle

Excel within an inspiring community of like-minded emerging entrepreneurs

The energy and motivation that comes from being a BoomerMastermind member is priceless. Day in and day out you’ll experience life-changing stimulation that comes through dynamic new alliances you’ll create with other members.

You’ll make local, national and international connections with other aspiring online entrepreneurs who will:

  • Inspire you to stay on your path to greater freedom and flexibility
  • Serve as trusted accountability and performance partners
  • Become trustworthy sounding boards for all of your new ideas
  • Exchange ideas and information that enrich your business and keep you moving
  • Be a rich source for learning new technologies

As an emerging online entrepreneur, membership in BoomerMastermind assures you’ll be elevated to greater heights by some of today’s brightest minds and most innovative thinkers.

Take a bold step towards living your true passion and purpose

Now is the perfect time to hit the “reset button” and become the architect of your new destiny!

Many people live their entire lives according to expectations and “truths” pushed onto them at an early age. But you’ve reached a point in life where you’ve come so far, yet still have a long way to go.

Wayne Dyer once said, “Don’t die with your music still inside you.”

So why not be among the small percentage of people who are truly living a life that brings them immense satisfaction.

Join the BoomerMastermind community today. Each month I’ll provide you with amazing opportunities to interact with some of today’s brightest online entrepreneurs.

To find, organize and sort through all of this information on your own would take an incredible amount of time, and cost you $20,000, $30,000 or more.

Instead, I want to deliver it to you week after week for a mere fraction of that cost!

Join Today and SAVE $400 per year – Every Year You’re a Member!

A regular BoomerMastermind membership is $497 per quarter. However, today I am inviting you to participate with me for only $397 per quarter.

That’s a $100 savings each quarter, which means you SAVE $400 per year every year you are a member!

This special price is only available to you through this exclusive invitation until March 31st, 2015.

If you act today and take advantage of this special opportunity, your quarterly BoomerMastermind membership price will never increase. Ever!


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P.S. I want to make your BoomerMastermind membership as risk free as possible for you.

That’s why I’ll stand behind your investment with a risk-free, money-back guarantee. If at any time your BoomerMastermind membership isn’t everything you expected it to be, I’ll give you a 100% no-questions asked refund.


Still have questions or want to make sure this group is right for you?
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The realization of running your own successful online business begins with that first inspired action. Why not stop living according to the script that others have written for your life?

Make a bold and dynamic move for yourself today. You deserve it!

Here’s to living your authentic truth,

Charlie Poznek

Founder, BoomerMastermind