TBBO 428: John Dwyer – The Institute of Wow!

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John Dwyer is the founder of The Institute of Wow, a marketing enigma, unique in the field of advertising.  When it comes to creating MORE sales for businesses, his thinking is refreshingly unconventional.  John thinks “way outside of the square” – he cuts to the chase and shows business owners exactly how to attract new clients to their business.  He’s also the guy who none other than Jerry Seinfeld trusted his latest advertising campaign to!


  • Thinking outside the ‘square’
  • How to attract clients to your business
  • What is the Institute of Wow
  • What is WOW factor marketing
  • How to create a ‘happy meal’ mentality
  • The five step WOW factor formula
  • How to get a supplier list from Heaven
  • What you should be doing both online AND offline
  • Don’t do ‘one-size-fits-all’ communications
  • The WOW manifesto – it’s big!
  • Hang around with positive people
  • What you are good at and what’s profitable may not  be what you love


  1. TheInstituteOfWow . com
  2. PodcastWithWow . com
  3. Twitter – @InstituteOfWow

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