TBBO 427: Janice Porter – Getting Results from LinkedIn

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Janice Porter is a seasoned training specialist, focusing on how to authentically build relationships and communicate effectively, online and offline.  Her training programs empower business professionals, entrepreneurs, sales teams, commissioned sales people, and job seekers to leverage the power of LinkedIn to maximize sales and connect with the network they need.


  • On LinkedIn, your headline, summary and work experience are the key pieces
  • LinkedIn summary  – who are you, what makes you tick, what makes you passionate about what you do
  • A LinkedIn messaging strategy is important
  • Does number of connections matter?
  • How not to spam on LinkedIn
  • How to turn relationships into business
  • Think about sending physical thank you cards
  • Make it about the other person when you talk to people


  1. JanicePorter.com
  2. Use promo code ‘BBO’ for a discount on services
  3. Twitter – @JanicePorter

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