Four Guitars and a Pink Lunch Box

pink lunchbox

Four guitars and a pink lunch box – how did you come up with that title, Charlie?  Well, I was on a Google Hangout a few weeks back and sure enough, in the background of one of the participants was, you guessed it – four guitars and a pink lunch box!  Sounds like a great name for a band, if you ask me.

Guitars and lunch boxes aside, I am REALLY excited to announce a new series I am launching on  What is  It is a livestreaming video platform that enables a video chat among a maximum of four participants at a time.  It’s somewhat like Google Hangouts if you are familiar with that platform.

My new series is the “10 Tips” show.  Much like The Boomer Business Owner podcast, I will host an expert on a particular subject and in about 20 minutes, they will present their 10 best tips for that subject.  Afterward, you can come on the show and ask questions directly to our guest!  Kind of like a webinar where you get great quality information, AND, can participate in a live conversation.

You can check out a list of my upcoming Blabs by clicking here.  While there are no rules for the length of a Blab, I would like to keep ours to about 30 minutes.

As a teaser, our first two shows are this week:

You can click on the show links above to be notified when the Blab starts.

Hope to meet you in person on a Blab!!!


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