Writing a Book in 90 Days: The Interview Process

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This is the beginning of week 11 of my 12-week Self-Publishing School course on writing a book.  To date, I have written about 8,000 words (and recorded about 20,000 more) of my very first book, which I hope will be closer to 25,000 words when it’s finished.

I decided to talk through the initial phase of the writing process with the help of the expert I mentioned in last week’s blog post.

After finally deciding on an outline and overall direction for the book, we scheduled a series of phone calls to discuss my thoughts on each book section.  From there, I’m having another team member transcribe our phone calls and get everything down on paper for editing.

I’ve found that it’s easier for me to get my initial thoughts down on paper by going through this process.  Similar to using a voice-to-text program, I like being able to have a conversation with another person to discuss the principles in the book.

What’s more, the person I’m working with has turned out to be very adept at asking the right questions.  She continuously questions each premise I present, forcing me to take a second look at the arguments I’m making in the material and make them even better.

Since writing a book is a creative process, I’m happy I found a way to convert my ideas from a verbal conversation to words on a page.

This “interview” style of book writing is certainly nontraditional, but I think it’s a powerful way to write a book if you consider yourself to be more verbally-inclined.  Since I’m a podcaster, my thoughts and ideas come to me as I speak.  For others, thoughts and ideas flow freely through the very process of writing things down.

Identifying your strengths in this area will help you determine the best way to write your book.  Remember that there is no “right” or “wrong” way of writing a book; since you are the author and the creator, you have the power to create your content in the manner you see fit.

The final transcription of all our conversations will be finished by Wednesday, 20 May.  After that, I will be working with an editor I just hired to put the finishing touches on the book.

OK, so there might be a bit more than a few finishing touches to put on the book, but we are much closer than we were just a few weeks ago!  I may want to do some additional research, and I definitely want to add case studies/profiles to support each section in the book.

While I fully expect to have the book written by 1 June 2015, there may be some case studies/profiles that straggle in after the first of June.

When all is said and done, the book should be “on the market” by 30 June at the latest (but hopefully sooner).

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p.s. If you’re interested in writing a book too, be sure to check this blog regularly to follow my journey.  You can also get more information on the Self-Publishing School course I’m taking by clicking here.


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