Writing a Book in 90 Days: No author is an island

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This is the beginning of week 10 of my 12-week Self-Publishing School course on writing a book.  To date, I have written about 6,000 words of my very first book, which I hope will be closer to 25,000 words when it’s finished.

As a follow up to last week’s post (and my commitment to make a final decision on the outline of my book), I am happy to report that the decision has finally been made.  I have approved the final outline and have commenced with what I like to call “full steam ahead” writing!

What a relief.  I wish I could say that I had some sort of magical epiphany that allowed me to move past my mental block surrounding the outline.  Now that I think of it, maybe I did, but just like writing a book in 90 days, it didn’t happen the way I expected it to.

My great epiphany was asking for help.  This manifested in my hiring an expert to help me piece my disparate ideas together into our final outline.  The investment was nominal and the results were incredible – the new member of my team managed to take countless iterations of the outline and draw out the most important parts of each.  She then put everything back together into a single roadmap that included everything I wanted in the book and nothing I didn’t.


While I probably could have eventually done it myself, I think it would have taken me much, much longer than asking for help from someone who is a master at book outlines.  The great thing is I still feel a strong sense of accomplishment surrounding the outline.  I put the work and ideas in, and just needed some help with their order and presentation.

When I look at the outline now, I feel a strong sense of ownership of the content, even though I’ve had many people provide feedback and make suggestions.  The collaborative aspect of writing a book has been the most surprising to me, but it also seems to be the most powerful part of the process.

It’s interesting that this kind of collaboration hadn’t really dawned on me until now, especially because I spend quite a bit of my time running, promoting, and participating in a fantastic mastermind group called BoomerMastermind.

The entire premise behind BoomerMastermind is collaboration and not having to grow your business alone.  When it comes to the business of a writing a book, it’s become clear to me that 2 (or 3, or 4) heads really are better than one!

The same person who helped me with the final outline is going to help me think through each section of the book, get the ideas out of my head, and get everything onto paper.  I expect the floodgates to open as a result of this exercise.

I remain fully committed to having the book written by 1 June 2015.

More soon,


p.s. If you’re interested in writing a book too, be sure to check this blog regularly to follow my journey.  You can also get more information on the Self-Publishing School course I’m taking by clicking here.


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