Writing a Book in 90 Days: Overcoming mental blocks

writing a book

This is the beginning of week seven of my 12-week Self-Publishing School course on writing a book.  To date, I have written about 4,500 words of my very first book, which I hope will be closer to 25,000 words when it’s finished.

While I made progress since last week, I continue to second guess the outline of the book – specifically, the beginning sections.  I’d like to have a flow to the entire book, and not just a somewhat organized data dump of thoughts.  Right now the outline feels more like a bunch of data points than an overview of the book’s content.  I worry that if the outline doesn’t flow, the book won’t flow either.

Maybe I am overthinking it (I’m probably overthinking it).  It’s amazing how mentally taxing writing a book can be!

I’ve found myself spending much more time wondering, pondering, and thinking than actually writing.  I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  For some people, the act of writing itself brings clarity as to what direction to take.  For others, they become stifled unless they have a clear path to follow laid out ahead of them.

I believe I fall into the latter group, and that may be why I’ve been hung up on the outline.  It’s so hard to tell exactly how the outline will manifest once the book is written, and I’ve been letting that unknown hold me back.

I’ve come to the conclusion that unless something specific and tangible strikes me about the outline (i.e. remove this, add that), I need to keep moving forward with the writing part.

The goal for this week is to make a decision about the outline (again), even if that decision is simply to let it be what it is, and to move forward.

In the meantime, I will continue to get some words down on paper and will worry about the organization over the coming weeks.

In other news,  I am getting really excited about the case studies/profiles of successful online entrepreneurs that will be in the latter part of the book.

As a reminder, my book is called Build Your Own Dream, a guide for aspiring entrepreneurs ready to break into online business.  The case studies in the book will feature folks who have built their own dreams online and are willing to share how they did it.

In order to include these case studies, I will be interviewing the participants, transcribing the interviews, then editing the content for inclusion in the book.

I believe we learn a lot from tangible examples and I’m anxious to get started with these interviews.  I’m pretty sure they are going to be my favorite part of the book (and hopefully yours too!).

More soon,


p.s. If you’re interested in writing a book too, be sure to check this blog regularly to follow my book-writing journey.  You can also get more information on the Self-Publishing School course I’m taking by clicking here.

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