TBBO 239: Joel Zaslofsky – How to simplify your life, get organized, and be more money-wise

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Joel Zaslofsky


On today’s episode of The Boomer Business Owner, Charlie interviews Honorary Baby Boomer and “multipotentialite,” Joel Zaslofsky.

Joel Zaslofsky is passionate about teaching you how to simplify your life, live with purpose, achieve your intentions and use systems to reach your goals.

His event and movement, SimpleREV, helps people “simplify, organize, and be money-wise.”


  • Joel’s favorite unconventional organization techniques
  • How to use Microsoft Excel to get organized and launch products online
  • How to simplify every area of your life using simple systems
  • Why your next-door neighbor holds the key to your business success
  • How masterminds and groups can jumpstart your business through accountability
  • “Focus on creation instead of consumption”


  1. www.ValueofSimple.com – Joel’s website
  2. www.ValueofSimple.com/BBO – resources  for TBBO listeners
  3. www.SimpleREV.com
  4. @JoelZaslofsky – Joel on Twitter
  5. Experience CuratingJoel’s book
  6. www.ErinKurup.com – Joel’s editor
  7. www.Riskology.co –  Tyler Tervooren’s website (Founder of The Bootstrapper Guild)
  8. www.KeithFerrazzi.com – the author of Never Eat Alone
  9. www.LiveYourLegend.net – free 52-page mastermind PDF

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