TBBO 237: Patrick Lehoux – How I raised $250,000 with a successful Kickstarter campaign

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Patrick Lehoux


On today’s episode of The Boomer Business Owner, Charlie interviews Honorary Baby Boomer and Kickstarter aficionado, Patrick Lehoux.

Patrick Lehoux reveals how he raised a quarter of a million dollars in pre-order sales during his first successful Kickstarter campaign.

Patrick’s campaign for the Kinkajou Bottle Cutter was so successful on Kickstarter, in fact, that he was able to quit his job in a matter of months and pursue online business full time.


  • How Patrick ran a successful Kickstarter campaign that changed his entire life in just 20 days
  • How crowdfunding sites can help you test your business ideas
  • How to create products and manufacture them overseas
  • How to outsource everything from design work to distribution
  • “An online business makes the entire world your marketplace.”


  1. www.BottleCutting.com – the product that launched Patrick’s business. Check out the Entrepreneurial Mentoring page for free consulting with Patrick.
  2. www.Kickstarter.com
  3. www.Shopify.com – for selling products online
  4. www.99Designs.com – for affordable graphic design
  5. www.Facebook.com/BottleCutting

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