TBBO 223: Amanda Pekoe – How I built New York’s most creative advertising agency

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Amanda Pekoe


On today’s episode of The Boomer Business Owner, Charlie interviews Honorary Baby Boomer and the Founder of The Pekoe Group, Amanda Pekoe.

The Pekoe Group is a theatrical creative advertising agency comprised of nimble, multi-talented marketers who help their clients make a splash across all forms of online and offline media.


  • How Amanda used her acting background to launch a successful theatrical creative advertising agency
  • How to break up your marketing into creative and strategic components
  • How to use grassroots and traditional marketing to grow your online business
  • The importance of outsourcing, even when you’re scared about the associated costs
  • “Businesses are built from a burning need to fulfill your passion”


  1. www.ThePekoeGroup.com – Amanda’s website
  2. https://www.facebook.com/ThePekoeGroup

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