TBBO 206: Chase Reeves – How to become a creative entrepreneur

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Chase Reeves



On today’s episode of The Boomer Business Owner, Charlie interviews honorary Baby Boomer and marketing maniac, Chase Reeves.

Through Fizzle.co, Chase has helped thousands of creative entrepreneurs find their niche online and avoid business burnout.

If you see him at the bar, be sure to ask him about a guy called Howard Gossage.


  • Why having a good idea is not enough to succeed as a creative entrepreneur
  • Why forums are better than Facebook groups for connecting with other entrepreneurs
  • What millions of years of human evolution can teach us about marketing
  • Why “niche-ing down” now can help you grow later
  • “It’s time to make a living doing something you don’t hate”


  1. www.Fizzle.co – Chase’s website
  2. Chase@Fizzle.co – Chase’s email
  3. Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn

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