TBBO 203: Lisa Braithwaite – How to get public speaking training for under $10/month

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Lisa Braithwaite



On today’s episode, Charlie interviews Honorary Baby Boomer passionate public speaking coach, Lisa Braithwaite.

Lisa helps entrepreneurs and business owners craft exciting, memorable speeches that engage their audiences and position them as industry influencers.


  • The importance of audience research when creating a presentation
  • Why you are the face of your brand at all times
  • How to find affordable public speaking training
  • Why passion trumps perfection in all great speeches
  • Why you don’t need to have great speaking techniques to move your audience
  • “If you can tweet, you can speak in public!”


  1. Audience Avenger Alliance – membership program for experienced and aspiring speakers
  2. www.CoachLisaB.com – Lisa’s website
  3. @ LisaBraithwaite – Lisa on Twitter

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