TBBO 31: Brian Carter – How to Use Facebook Advertising to Build your Online Business

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Brian Carter



In today’s episode, Charlie interviews acclaimed author and marketing keynote speaker Brian Carter.

With over 14 years of experience in search and social marketing, Brian is the author of three top-selling marketing books, including The Like Economy, LinkedIn for Business and Facebook Marketing.

Brian has also served as a marketing agency director and marketing consultant, and loves helping his clients build their online businesses through social media.


  • How to use Facebook advertising to reach millions of potential customers
  • The strengths and weaknesses of different kinds of Internet marketing
  • Whether your business is operating within a “red ocean” or a “blue ocean” (and what that means for your pocketbook)
  • How to find your personal “hedgehog concept”
  • How to reach your audience with email marketing


  1. bbcarter@gmail.com – Brian’s email
  2. briancarteryeah.com – Brian’s website
  3. keynotespeaker.com – Brian as a keynote speaker
  4. Built to Last and Good to Great by Jim Collins
  5. Google Adwords – for finding relevant keywords
  6. Social Media Examiner
  7. MOZ for social media news and tips
  8. Aweber for email marketing
  9. Cellmation
  10. Promoshin

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  • jupiterjim

    Great Interview and excellent resources listed. I prefer aweber but most of us have forgotten about using the autoresponder feature on aweber, mailchimp, etc. So thanks for the reminder!!! I was on another webinar this afternoon and they were talking about having about 4 email automatically sent to subscribers as part of a course or series!!! I knew that Brian Carter was a very funny guy but I did NOT know that he was also a standup comic! I am also a very funny guy, so any time Brian wants to go up against me on open mike night, please tell him to bring it on!!!! I took one of Brian’s FB courses several years ago and he was great!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

    ~ Jupiter Jim

    • Charlie Poznek

      Many thanks, Jupiter Jim. Perhaps we should have a special bonus episode where you and Brian exchange in a comedic repartee with me as the judge!

      • jupiterjim

        OH, Dang!!! I think Charlie might be funnier than Brian! LOL Have a great Sunday!

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