TBBO 24: Kim Walsh-Phillips – How to increase the return on investment when building a lifestyle business

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Kim Walsh-Phillips



In today’s episode, Charlie interviews the CEO of IO Creative Group, Kim Walsh Phillips.

As a speaker, author, strategist, and the head of a results-driven marketing and PR agency, Kim is a self-proclaimed tech geek obsessed with increasing her clients’ ROI (ok, the shoe obsession is a close second).


  • Why most PR companies can’t offer any return on investment
  • Why “feel good” public relations won’t win your customers
  • Why you should never ask for a sale too soon (and how to tell when it’s way too soon!)
  • Why spending less money on fewer prospects will boost your overall sales
  • The psychology of a sales call


  1. IOCreativeGroup.com/ROI – Kim’s free training for TBBO listeners
  2. Mixergy marketing podcast
  3. The Foundation podcast – to help you build your business from scratch
  4. Everything is Obvious Once You Know the Answer by Duncan Watts
  5. Dan Kennedy – GKIC Insider’s Circle
  6. The 80/20 Principle by Perry Marshall
  7. 4-Hour Workweek  by Tim Ferriss
  8. Be Our Guest – the Disney Institute’s Customer Service book

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