TBBO 4: Adam Franklin – How to use Social Media for Business

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In today’s episode, Charlie interviews Adam Franklin, co-founder of the web marketing firm Blue Wire Media.

In addition to successfully managing a thriving marketing firm, Adam is a renowned social media speaker and author with a new book coming out in May 2014 entitled Web Marketing That Works.


  • Why you don’t need a business background to grow a successful online business
  • Why you need to be using social media for business (and how to do it)
  • How small, strategic changes to your website can increase its impact in a big way
  • The difference between web design, web programming, and web strategy (and why it matters for your business)
  • How writing a blog post now can get your more customers in the future
  • How to use social media for business
  • How giving knowledge away for free can actually make you money


  1. BlueWireMedia.com.au – download your free Web Strategy Planning Template
  2. Connect with Adam on Twitter: @franklin_adam
  3. Mr. Mini Movers – Michael O’Hagan, Adam’s mentor
  4. Skype for connecting via phone for free
  5. LinkedIn for professional social media

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  • http://www.BluewireMedia.com.au/blog Adam Franklin

    Hi Charlie, thanks for having me on your show, and great website by the way!

    Listeners can get the Web Strategy Planning Template at http://www.bluewiremedia.com.au/web-strategy-planning-template

    All the best,

    • Charlie Poznek

      My pleasure, Adam!

      • http://www.studio1design.com.au/ Greg Merrilees

        Excellent interview Charlie & great tips there Adam. Thanks for the compliments on the ‘great website design’ too Adam. =)

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